"I find it strange how so many people make multiple characters in Skyrim.  I have my Redguard from the very start and I can’t imagine playing as anyone else.  I’ve even recreated her in Oblivion."

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so not only did my toxic ex find my RP blog yesterday, she also continued accessing it from other devices once I had blocked her IP.

I’ve blocked the new ones, too, but wow this is making me uncomfortable. Her reading my writing doesn’t sit well with me because of some stuff that’s happened in the past.

I wish I knew what to do other than just blocking her IPs as they come up, and hoping there’s not anyone else in that area I’m accidentally preventing from seeing my blog.

— Anonymous: What ending did you choose for Mass Effect 3?


i chose the ending where i turn off the xbox right after i finish the citadel dlc.


Awesome Video Game Characters 14/?

↳ Alyx Vance

Mass Effect:


"There’s a distress signal on this planet/ship!"

What it actually is:

  • An ancient artifact was discovered and it turned everybody into husks.
  • Geth trap.
  • Pirates/slavers.

What it never is:

  • Survivors who sent a distress signal.

But…Grissom Academy in the third game?

ME1 is ridiculous in terms of this though.


Mass Effect 3: Fuck You Bioware Missions


Don’t read WIPs, they’ll only break your heart. Stick to sensibly lengthed oneshots, they know how to treat you right.

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